Seohyun and Sgt. Keroro
Photo: Seohyun – (user tama_desu); Sgt. Keroro – Keroro Gunso’s Facebook fan page
More than the scenes with Yonghwa that made us giddy (and hug our pillows tight) in We Got Married, it was the chance to see the kid in Seohyun that we absolutely loved. SNSD’s maknae (youngest member) has captured the hearts of fans from everywhere with her effortless charm. We don’t care if her unnies find her weird at times!  It’s not everyday we find endearing child-like ways from a girl in her 20s.
One thing die-hard fans out there would surely be aware of is Seohyun’s love for Keroro. Her SNSD sisters revealed in WGM that Seohyun still loves listening to the Keroro OST. Keroro Gunso or Sgt. Frog is a Japanese comic series that was later aired on TV. The series is about a platoon of extraterrestrial frogs with the mission to gather information about the planet Earth and eventually conquer it. Unfortunately, in the story, platoon leader Sergeant Keroro got captured by the Hinata family when he was hiding in one of their bedrooms.  The story initially revolves around Sgt. Keroro’s struggles to unite his scattered soldiers. Later on, their new mission would be to protect their human friends and the Earth from other alien invaders.
Seohyun with a Keroro plush doll
Photo: Youtube screencap (user Kresnick03)
Prior to the girls’ revelation, Seohyun showcased her secret talent to CN Blue members by mimicking the voice of one of Sgt. Keroro’s soldiers, Tamama.  Little did we know, MTV already gave Seohyun the chance to dub the cartoon series a couple of years back with fellow SNSD girls Taeyeon and Tiffany. Check out her dubbing stint here:
Video: Youtube (user soshisubsclassics)
Watch out for more of the The Seohyun Series. We’ll feature more of what she likes and loves. 🙂
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