I’ve always wondered what kind of parent I would have become. Whether or not I will be a strict or lenient one, one thing’s for certain: growing up, my kid will be cool enough to learn how to ALWAYS have fun in life.

Unknown to many, I take personal delight and fulfillment in the presence of children. Even managing toddlers who throw tantrums isn’t something that bothers me easily.

Two weekends ago, I had the privilege of wearing the temporary parental hat to my godson, Kiers. His mom and my good friend, Joy, needed some alone time to experience how it feels like to be happy & single once again to study for her upcoming teacher licensure examinations. With no one to take care of six-year-old Kiers, I had to step up to the plate and act as his nanny for a day.

As it was my first time to hang with Kiers alone, I had to ensure I would bring him to somewhere fun and where he will learn something new at the same time.


  • Location: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

  • Exhibitions: Treasures of the Natural World + Future World

  • Price for the tickets: SG$23 (Adult) + SG$15 (Child)

Treasures of the Natural World

If your kids generally like adventure, wildlife, and learning about fossils, gems, and artifacts, then this exhibition is perfect for them. Roaming around the venue will certainly pique curiosity and wonder among kids with various historical and scientific elements showcased around. It features a lot of interactive areas too where kids can play with computer screens and easy-to-solve mystery boxes & mazes.

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Future World

Our second stop was a magical escape to an alternate universe and it brought us to a novel world of creativity and imagination. It felt like entering a cool warp zone and it got us transported to a futuristic and colorful tech world. It was, in fact, a multi-sensory feast. From a digital room that narrates the story of the stars to an adult-friendly playful indoor slide, one won’t run out of things to do inside this exhibition. Future World also showcases virtual worlds which encourage guests to share their own drawings that are to be displayed on the huge LED screens.

On your way out of the exhibit halls, be prepared to get mesmerized with this millennial-favorite and social media-famous art installation, the Space.

All throughout that afternoon, Kiers was an effervescent ball of energy, jumping up and down with all the inexplicable “hows and whys” of life. “Why is my drawing showing up on the screen? Why are there stars in the universe? How do we fly to space?” I had fun answering all his questions with my unintelligible guesses. All this while, he wasn’t the only one who was enjoying our time together. I was a happy kid too playing with him and feeling like a kid once again.