Clueless about why Alden and Maine were laughing over a standee yesterday? In case you’re an AlDub fan but not on Snapchat (and even if you are, the videos have already expired by now), you might want to watch Maine Mendoza’s comedy series of snaps where “Alden Richards” visited her in her condo unit and even stayed for a sleepover. Maine, in full pambahay glory, went  all-out crazy on cam with her self-directed video series. Alden himself tweeted his reaction on Thursday night when the videos were posted and casually mentioned the series on Eat Bulaga.

Thanks to DivinaUrsulaSC on Instagram, the videos were captured.



Download: Do-it-Yourself Alden, Maine, and AlDub ‘Fan’ Templates 

Makeup Match No. 1: Juan Sarte and Maine Mendoza

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