(Jessica Sanchez sings “Change Nothing” in the last round of American Idol finale. Photo from Youtube)


(Philip Philipps, on the other hand, gets a standing ovation after singing his finale song, “Home.” Photo from Youtube)
After three rounds, who should win the American Idol crown? Philip gets the only standing ovation of the night with his acoustic tune titled “Home.” While Jessica received mixed reviews with her tame performance of the piano ballad, “Change Nothing.”
As they say, it’s still up to America to decide who should win. Let’s all find out the results tomorrow…
And here the videos via American Idol’s Youtube Page:
Jessica Sanchez sings Change Nothing
Video: americanidol via Youtube
Philip Philipps sings Home
Video: americanidol via Youtube
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Performing her favorite song of the season, Jessica Sanchez sings "The Prayer" in American Idol finale


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