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Camerrol Entertainment Productions is proud to present “Huling Sayaw,” a heartfelt film that explores the trials and triumphs of friendships, redemption, and the pursuit of dreams. Starring talented young actors Bugoy Cariño and Belle Mariano, this film is certain to captivate the hearts of audiences everywhere.

The story revolves around three childhood best friends: Danilo (Bugoy Cariño), Tiffany (Belle Mariano), and Stephanie (Andy Abellar), as they confront the challenges of their senior year at a prestigious school in Manila. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when Danilo makes a wrong decision, influenced by negative peers.

As Danilo finds himself on the brink of losing everything he holds dear, he must summon the strength and resilience to reclaim his true path. Along the way, the characters undergo significant personal growth that will test their friendships and inner strength. The question remains: Can Danilo overcome his past, pursue his dream of becoming a renowned dancer, and withstand the challenges that lie ahead?

During the media conference held last August 30 at Viva Cafe in Quezon City, the film’s cast members gathered to share their insights and experiences. Lead actor Bugoy Cariño was joined by co-stars Rob Sy, Ramon Christopher, Christian Vasquez, Emilio Garcia, Jeffrey Santos, Jao Mapa, Zeus Collins, and Mickey Ferriols. With expert direction and a compelling screenplay by Director Errol Ropero, “Huling Sayaw” is poised to deliver a captivating narrative.

Director Ropero explained that the film was shot in 2018, before the onset of the pandemic. Now that safety protocols have eased and life has returned to normal, he is thrilled that the film has the opportunity to premiere and be screened. Additionally, this marks Bugoy Cariño’s latest project following his hiatus from the entertainment industry. He expresses hope that after this premiere, more projects will come his way.

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Prepare for a captivating journey filled with friendship, redemption, and the pursuit of dreams as “Huling Sayaw” hits cinemas nationwide on September 13th.

“Huling Sayaw” is produced by Director Errol Ropero, with Executive Producers Ronald Allan Guinto, Michael Endaya, Hon. Melvin Vergara Vidal, and Hon. Amdo Carlos Bolilia IV.


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