Quezon City Councilor and actor Alfred Vargas went through a tough phase when he gained weight and deviated from his well-known image of having a well-built physique. He was once regarded as a hunk actor during his early years in the entertainment industry.

On his YouTube channel called “Vargas Tries,” the District 5 Councilor of Quezon City candidly admitted that his self-esteem plummeted and he experienced depression when he weighed 251 lbs.

In the first episode of his YT channel, he revealed, “May aaminin ako sa inyo, there was a time bumaba talaga ang self esteem ko, nagiba ang buhay ko. I was so depressed.”

Alfred added, “Hindi ko nahalata isang umaga pagharap ko sa salamin kahit ‘yung sarili ko hindi ko nakilala ‘yung taong nasa salamin. And doon parang gumuho ang mundo ko and doon parang iyon ang pinaka-wake-up call ko. Unti-unti umabot na pala ako sa 251 lbs.” Dati kapag nasa mall ako ‘yung mga tao tatawagin ako at lalapit pa sa akin, ‘Papa Alfred’ tapos lately medyo lumaki na ako, ‘yung iba hindi na ako nakikilala tapos ‘yung iba naman nakikilala pa ako pero ang tawag sa akin Tito Alfred na. 

“So what’s funny about this hindi ko nahalata. Isang umaga pagharap ko sa salamin kahit sarili ko hindi ko nakilala ‘yung taong nasa salamin. And doon parang gumuho ang mundo ko and ‘yun ang pinaka-wake-up call ko. 

“Sabi ko dapat magbago ako and this time around nag-decide ako na I will not do this for vanity, I will not do this for projects, I will do this for my children and para maipakita ko sa aking mga anak kung gaano ko sila kamahal by trying to live the longest that I can.” 

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“From 251 lbs, now I weigh 201 lbs,” Alfred revealed, sharing that this journey had been a three-year struggle in his life.

So, Alfred began exercising and showcased some of the exercises that helped him shed the weight on his YT channel. Among these exercises was Parkour, which he learned from Ms. Kate Robles, a single mom who faced similar challenges as Alfred, and Coach Raven Cruz.

“Vargas Tries, pwede!” is a gift from Councilor Alfred and his sister, Cong. PM Vargas, to their Solid Friendship, a group they have been with for 18 years. Their question is, “Are you ready? ACTV18…”

On their YT channel, fans can request tasks or challenges for Alfred to try. As he said, he has already done many things, such as portraying a dad on camera and off camera, being a “sundalong diwata” (fairy soldier), a merman, and a hero. He even explored public service. 

“Eh ano pa ba ang gusto n’yong i-try natin? Maging driver? O maging magsasaka? Maging teacher, maging barangay tanod? O maging talk show host. Pwede? 

“Samahan n’yo akong subukan ang iba’t ibang larangan dito lang sa ‘Vargas Tries, pwede? Pwede!’,” Alfred invited. Every two weeks, they upload new content. But in the coming months, they will be uploading every week, offering the latest updates from the Vargas siblings.

So, what are you waiting for, as Alfred would say, click the button and share.


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