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Announced during the story conference on July 2, 2023, “The Vigil” is an upcoming horror drama film produced by Obra Cinema and directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. The movie features a talented cast from Sparkle GMA Artists, including Will Ashley, Anjay Anson, Kimson Tan, Bruce Roeland, Abed Green, Joaquin Manansala, Prince Carlos, Carlo San Juan, and Faye Lorenzo.

Set in a retreat house, the story revolves around the sons of members from a secret organization who are undergoing an initiation process to join the prestigious group. However, they find themselves haunted by a crime they have committed, leading to overwhelming guilt and fear. The film, titled “The Vigil,” which symbolizes a period of awakening, promises to deliver thrills and suspense as the boys confront the conflicts they face.

The cast selection was based on the actors’ previous roles and how well they fit into this ensemble project. Each actor has an equal role, but Alix mentioned that the film will primarily focus on the character portrayed by Will Ashley.

Alix revealed that the team has commenced initial workshops and plans to begin shooting the film in the second week of July. They are also in the process of selecting experienced actors and actresses to play the roles of the boys’ parents, providing strong support for the main cast.

Anticipation is high for “The Vigil,” as audiences eagerly await the terrifying and thrilling experience that awaits them when the film hits cinemas soon.

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