MANILA, Philippines – Apart from physical health and emotional wellness, it is important to spend time caring for your digital wellbeing, too. This is especially true in this new normal, when most day-to-day activities, from school and work to shopping and entertainment, happen online. 

Digital wellbeing is simply the measure for how technology use can impact the physical and mental health of a person. When your digital wellbeing is not cared for, you might suffer from issues such as poor sleep quality, eye strain, anxiety, and stress. 

There are simple things that you can do to manage your digital wellbeing, one of which is finding a good balance between online and offline activities to engage in throughout the day. Exercising or taking up gadget-free hobbies such as gardening, baking, or crafting, are great ways to disconnect.  Taking short pauses from your computer or phone during school or work hours might help, too. Five to 15-minute breaks for stretching, walking, or simply drinking a glass of water can greatly benefit both your mind and body. 

Another way to care for your digital wellbeing is by being intentional in the way you use the internet and social media. Make an effort to stay away from websites and users that trigger negative emotions and reactions. Replace these instead with positive, educational, and inspiring content whenever you browse.

Seeing the importance of maintaining the digital wellbeing of their users, many apps and devices are now being equipped with tools that can help manage this. On TikTok, an entire Digital Wellbeing section can be found within the app’s Settings. Here, you can set screen time controls, and also place restrictions on content that you do not wish to see. 

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To find out more about Tiktok’s Digital Wellbeing settings, check out this quick TikTok video:


Control how much time you can spend online.

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Make the most out of TikTok’s Digital Wellbeing tools and other safety settings in order to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle while still enjoying your time online. Be part of this safe, positive, and welcoming community of creators by downloading the app your iOS and Android devices today.


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