Last Sunday, during the Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 Big Night, the Alonte Sports Arena in Biñan, Laguna was packed with energy-filled fans for the individual housemates and loveteams. Most of the fandoms were for the Big Four Edward Barber (PBB 4th Lucky Big Placer), Yong Muhajil (PBB 3rdLucky Big Placer), Kisses Delavin (PBB 2nd Lucky Big Placer), and Maymay Entrata (PBB Lucky Big Winner). Some fans “ship” loveteams like MayWard (Maymay and Edward), KissWard (Kisses and Edward), KissYong or YongKiss (Kisses and Yong).

Former housemates also represented were Vivoree Esclito, Heaven Peralejo, Marco Gallo, Tanner Mata (PBB 5th Lucky Big Placer), Cora Waddell (PBB 7th Lucky Big Placer), and Yassi Pressman. Not captured in photos were McLisse fans for McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson.


PBB Lucky Big Winner Maymay Entrata’s fans.

KissMarc, Kisses Darlings, etc.

CorNer (Cora Waddell and Tanner Mata), EdVen (Edward Barber and Heaven Peralejo)

Vivoree Esclito’s fans. MarVoree shippers for Vivoree and Marco Gallo

MayNer and MayTan joining forces for Maymay and Tanner Mata

Maymay’s and MayWard fans (Maymay and Edward)

Maymay’s fans.

Queen Kisses’ fans, Solid Kissers, KissMarc, KissWard

Tanner Mata and Yassi Pressman’s shippers (YasNer)

Yong Muhajil’s fans (Yongnatics, YongKiss, KissYong)

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