My five year old Auckland-based nephew, Tatan, recently celebrated his birthday in Manila. Every little kid wore his/her favorite cartoon character: there was a Wolverine, a Batman, a Tinkerbell and a Spiderman.

Tatan was in a Captain America suit; I initially wondered why.

Tatan appears to be timid, passive and less playful than most kids his age. Why is he a Captain America then?

I was watching him run around and play during the party, and every kid who wishes to play with him, he gets shy around them and raises his shield instead to cover himself as if saying, I just want to be alone.

If I was a cartoon character, I’ll easily pick Captain America too!

Being my INFJ-self, I can easily come across as confident and strong in front of people. But whenever I feel like shying away from the world, having a shield will definitely come pretty handy.

I want my personal space. I need some time for myself too – to recharge, to recover and to find my inner soul.

After 10 days of nonstop partying and socializing during the Christmas break, I felt totally drained. Coming back to my home in Singapore meant I’ll find my inner chi back.

Today, I just feel like blogging, writing down my thoughts, reading a book, eating an apple, and jogging in the park with my headset on. I guess my personal shield is currently up.

captain america kiddie bday party

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