I’m writing this post hoping no one will ever read this; and also hoping someone will read this.

If you are reading this, please make your presence known. (Except you Kate, because you will definitely see this soon!)

Life is apparently one big irony. One month you’re having the best time of your life, and the next month, you’re strenuously picking up from where you left off. And not necessarily better.

It’s a constant push-and-pull, and most of the time, you don’t have control over the tide. You don’t have the upper hand. You just ride along.

They say January is about goal-setting. I say it’s about cleaning up–things you still haven’t done in the past years.

I wish I have a mirror in front of me who can explain the thoughts and emotions inside my head at the moment. Someone, like my own self, who knows me inside out. Someone who’s logical and empathetic at the same time.

I sometimes find it hard to find answers to certain questions. Without being judged by others. After all, the answers are more often than not subjective in nature. You decide whether they are right or wrong.

I find life to be just going in circles. You’re sometimes up, sometimes down.

And I’m currently down. But not necessarily sad. Or depressed.

I’m just, probably succumbing to these emotions. And feeling it. As it makes me feel alive.

I hope January and the succeeding months get its well deserved “pick-me-up.”

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